Nicki Minaj Documentary


Nicki Minaj released a trailer for her 6 -part docuseries that has the Barbz doing the Holy Ghost dance in their pink pumps.

Nicki Minaj

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The “Freaky Girl” rapper shared the two-minute clip via Twitter, where she wrote; “Coming SOON!!!! The #NickiDocumentary you didn’t know you needed. Love you so much.”

The teaser begins with B-Roll of the Big Apple’s skyline and a subway train rapidly roaring by. It then transitions to a young Nicki rapping in front of graffiti-ridden wall before the narration begins with; “You don’t get a manual on how to be a famous rapper.”

In recent interviews, like Joe’s Budden’s, “A Conversation with Nick Minaj” she shared more about the hardships she faced as her career begin to propel. She discussed plastic surgery, motherhood, the arena of female rap and chart manipulation.


One can only assume that she will expound more upon these topics in the documentary.

The teaser also highlighted monumental moments in Minaj’s life and she reveals that she was more fearless in the beginning of her career, “I think the woman back then, she wasn’t afraid to fail. Female rappers weren’t really charting at the time.”

She goes on to say;

“I think that we just don’t get the respect that men do. You constantly feel like you’re doing something wrong, and so you just stop doing period. This industry is just not a loving, supportive place. It pretends sometimes, but it’s just not.”


On Instagram, she teased the documentary stating;

“I took some time to perfect this very intimate, delicate, electrifying, inspiring body of work. As I decide on a home for this project, I can’t help but reflect on what I’m including in this doc.”Some things are so personal, it’s scary. It’s like NOTHING you’ve seen before & I need it to be handled with care. Love you so much. Thank you for the continued support.”


Nicki’s words definitely have fans’ interests peaked and they’re sharing reactions on social media.

The Barbz React To Nicki Minaj’s Documentary Trailer



Now, I hope she’s not gassing this up. You know how these celebrities do. They’ll make it seem as if they will be unveiling so much of their personal life that they feel “naked” and hesitant for the public to see them in such a raw form – when in reality they’re just sharing some never-before-seen pics from their childhood and some footage inside of their homes leisurely hanging out with family.

That’s cool and all but I want to know more about the things that happened to Nicki behind the scenes in the industry. What kind of disrespect did she face? How did she learn to navigate the male-driven rap game? Was she ever clinically depressed and how did she cope? I also want to see her career chronicled and details about her life before she attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia School of Performing Arts as a teen.


Many stans are hoping the “Chun-Li” rapper will address the volatile beef she had with Cardi B. and what initially sparked the tension—but we probably shouldn’t hold our breath.

Will YOU be watching Nicki’s new documentary? There’s no official release date but as Nicki said, it’s apparently “coming sooner than you think.”


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