Nike Officially Sues BAPE Over Alleged Knockoffs Sneakers


Nigo And His BAPE Shoe

BAPE Sneakers Source: Gregory Bojorquez / Getty

After 20 years of “why haven’t they sued BAPE?” Nike officially files a lawsuit against the company for alleged knockoff sneakers.

As of late Nike has been flexing its legal fingers towards offering or making similar-style sneakers in the marketplace. With sneaker culture bigger than ever creatives have started putting their own spin on models such as the Nike Dunk, Air Jordan 1, and Air Force one.

Throughout the lawsuits, Nike has filed everyone’s main question has been: “Why haven’t they sued BAPE?”.

Nike Officially Sues BAPE Over Knockoff Sneakers

Someone in the Nike office heard the chatter and asked themselves “hmm why haven’t we sued them”? Look no further sneaker giant has officially sued BAPE showing the company’s commitment to consistency. The alleged knockoff sneakers have been in the marketplace for almost 20 years and co-existed with Nike.

The brand has touched up their Bapestas sneakers over the years but Nike seems to think their latest design goes back to crossing the line. When it comes to why they waited so long to sue over the shoes, the legal documents revealed they met BAPE in 2009. From that meeting, BAPE redesigned the shoe, stopped U.S. activities, and closed most US stores. Bape’s 2021 re-design of the sneaker is when Nike claims BAPE “drastically increased the volume and scope of its infringement.”

The Nike lawsuit marks a milestone in the sneaker wars and will be interesting to see play out in court.


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