No Humans: Travelers Now Prefer To Book Hotels In The Metaverse With Bots – Survey


No humans, please, only bots. 

With the pandemic almost over and people resuming their everyday hustle and bustle outdoors, travelers are excited to book their next travel destination without any human touch.

Even wanderlusts are jumping into the metaverse with the option to check out rooms in the metaverse before they book their stay, with no humans arranging the reservation.

The pandemic has had an odd effect on travelers because instead of getting excited with social contact and getting into beach parties, they transformed into anti-socials who would prefer to converse with bots.


Recent research conducted by Oracle Hospitality shows that travelers don’t welcome surprises like the need to communicate with others. It seems that the pandemic has triggered an aversion to human interactions. Just no humans, please.

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These days, travelers seem to prefer no human interaction when booking their vacations, research shows (BusinessMirror).

Travelers Prefer Contactless Tech: No Humans

As many as 73% of travelers prefer hotels to have an AI or tech that will prevent them from socializing with the staff or other hotel guests.

Additionally, the report shows that travelers cringe at the thought that they have to talk to any staff when they stay at a hotel.

Further, the Oracle report reveals that most travelers would prefer to use their mobile phones for their entire hotel experience, such as ordering food, checking in and out of the hotel, and more.

It’s also a surprise that travelers don’t want any daily room cleaners touching anything in their room. Just under a quarter of the travelers surveyed wanted hotel cleaners to keep their rooms neat daily. In other words, no humans allowed.

Travelers also find digital art or NFT artworks in their rooms very pleasing or relaxing. Today, travelers want Netflix or other on-demand entertainment access that can seamlessly connect with their gaming or personal streaming. This is their top requirement for a hotel stay.

Voice-activated controls for locks, temperature, and lights are also in-demand as part of hotel room amenities. Around 43% would want this to be included in the customer experience.

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No Humans: Hi-Tech Personalization

The survey also reported that travelers now prefer no human interaction that would typically go with the travel industry.

Furthermore, the report also showcased how travelers are all about voguish and hi-tech personalization. They prefer to choose their rooms and floor and pay only for specific amenities by pre-screening the properties via the metaverse.

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Travelers go for a hotel model that allows them to personalize their stay. They don’t mind paying more if they can choose specific amenities, the view, room, floor, and other features that will make up a fantastic vacation.

Travelers seem to desire no human contact as possible. With that in mind, around 96% of hoteliers invest more in AI and contactless tech than in hiring more staff.

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