Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Noel Takes Adrianna On A “Cosmic Love” Date

Do you see love in the stars?

Cosmic Love x Prime Video

Source: Cosmic Love / Prime Video

If so, there’s a brand new show that has your name written all over it!

“Cosmic Love,” the all-new original reality series premieres with all ten episodes on Friday, August 12 on Prime Video.

“Cosmic Love” Matches Singles Based On Astrological Compatibility

In this one-of-a-kind social experiment, four individuals attempt to find their perfect spouse via astrological matchmaking. Each individual represents one of the four elements of astrology (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). Their romantic adventure takes place at a retreat run by a mystical guide, the Astro Chamber. They mingle, match, date, eliminate, and eventually make the biggest decision of their lives… will they marry their match, based solely on their astrology?

The show’s astrologers, best-selling authors Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins), guide our singles throughout the season by way of the mysterious Astro Chamber (voiced by Cree Summer).

“Cosmic Love” Singles Noel And Adrianna Have A Spa Date

We’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip from the premiere episode of “Cosmic Love” where Noel ignores the astrologers advice and decides to take Adrianna on a date DESPITE their astrological differences.

Check out the clip below:

Welp… That’s not looking too promising for them, but time will tell right?

Here’s a little more about Noah and Adrianna

Noel Allen | Pisces (@superfitnoel) – Water Element

Pisces Noel Allen, 31, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach tapped to be the Water Element onCosmic Love. True to his artistic and caring zodiac sign, Noel is a romantic renaissance man who loves cooking, anime, working out, and supporting his clients as they transform their bodies and lives. Raised by a Cuban-American mom in New Jersey, Noel lives in Tampa, and hopes to create his own family. But here’s the (Fish) hook: Noel won’t water down his desire for both freedom and security, one of the many paradoxes of Pisces men that drive women crazy…and makes them fall crazy in love.

Adrianna Raphaela | Sagittarius (@Theblueprintdree__)

Adrianna Raphaela, 25 is a molecular biologist, model, and actress from Boca Raton, Florida. True to her zodiac sign’s multihyphenate ways, she is the founder and CEO of Tres Angeles Swim, a unisex swimwear brand. Often described as the life of the party, this spicy Sagittarian can often be seen dancing or laughing. Adrianna enjoys water sports, traveling, playing Sims, and walking in the park with her dog Chloe.

“Cosmic Love” debuts on Prime Video Friday August 12th. Will you be watching?

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