Tuesday, October 4, 2022

October World Weekend Tickets Are Going For Thousands Of Dollars

Tickets for Drake’s October World Weekend are re-selling for thousands of dollars as the rapper prepares to honor the 10th anniversary of OVO Fest.

Drake's Till Death Do Us Part Rap Battle Event

Source: Amy Sussman / Getty

Loyal Drake fans hoping to make their way to October World Weekend were in for an unfortunate surprise when they found out  tickets to Drake’s highly-anticipated festival were listed for thousands of dollars on Ticketmaster.

According to reports from The Toronto Star, some seats are on the resale market listed for up to $2,400 for the pre-game to OVO Fest’s 10th anniversary. Before they could even make it to the purchasing page, though, fans had to wait in a queue, with some waiting for hours.

Some tickets for the Young Money Reunion show are still on sale, with Lawn seat tickets originally priced around $900 and tickets for the floor section priced around $2,000–though a lot of them are listed for a much higher price now.

Of course, many fans would still argue that the steep ticket price is more that worth it for a once in a lifetime experience like this one.

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