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Order Your C8 Corvette HTC Clear Engine Bay Cover from American Hydrocarbon

Order Your C8 Corvette HTC Clear Engine Bay Cover from American Hydrocarbon

For Corvette owners who are wanting to dress up their C8s, our friends at American Hydrocarbon has become a one-stop shop with custom engine covers, aero kits, and other personalization accessories for the C8 Corvette. In addition to offering their own products, many of which are Official GM Licensed Products, American Hydrocarbon is also a reseller for other companies who also offer high-quality parts and accessories for the C8 Corvette.

This month we have a new product announcement as American Hydrocarbon is now offering the clear HTC engine bay covers. C8 Convertible owners will definitely want to check those out.

American Hydrocarbon has extended a special offer for CorvetteBlogger readers to save 5% and get free shipping in the USA when you use the promo code SAVE5 at checkout.

C8 Corvette HTC Clear Engine Bay Cover

One of the most exciting aftermarket mods made exclusively for the C8 Corvette Stingray’s Hardtop Convertible is the new clear thermoplastic cover that allows you a full view of your LT2 engine when the convertible’s roof hatch is opened. American Hydrocarbon is now offering these clear engine covers and don’t forget to add a custom-painted engine cover to complete your look!

C8 Corvette HTC Clear Engine Bay Cover

These custom engine covers are manufactured in the USA by RapidRev. The impact resistance thermoplastic is fully transparent and optically clear to showcase the entire engine bay with OEM precision. Installation is a snap as these covers install in minutes using OEM hardware. Once installed, you still have access to the rubber caps for adding fluids to the engine.

The C8 Corvette HTC Clear Engine Covers are priced at $595.

C8 Corvette HTC Clear Engine Bay Cover

C8 Corvette “Silver Series” Engine Covers

American Hydrocarbon has created a new line-up of custom-painted engine covers. The “Silver Series” engine covers feature a Blade Silver base with a black center and pockets, black side rails, and color matching letters and stripes. All the “Silver Series” engine covers also have a silver-painted flag logo.

Silver Series C8 Engine Covers

The Silver Series Engine Covers can be customized with your choice of colors for the stripes and CORVETTE letters. You can select from any of the C8 Corvette’s exterior colors offered in the C8 era (2020-Present).

Add the Silver Series Engine Cover from American Hydrocarbon to your C8 Corvette for $950.

C8 Corvette 1VM Wingless Splitter and Side Skirts

C8 Corvette Aeromax 1VM Front Splitter

One way to give your C8 Corvette a more aggressive look is to add the Aeromax 1VM splitter from American Hydrocarbon. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Aeromax splitter was created to be slightly more aggressive than Chevy’s OEM 3-piece Z51 splitter but doesn’t go as far as the OEM 5VM splitter with the side winglets. The wingless Aeromax provides your C8 Corvette Stingray with a nice clean look and it’s now a GM officially licensed product.

C8 Corvette Aeromax 1VM Front Splitter

The amount of customization available is unmatched as customers can select their Aeromax splitter to be finished in visible carbon fiber, carbon flash metallic, or painted body color to match your C8 Corvette. You can add stripes to the splitter and there are also a number of logo options available ranging from the Stingray R to the Jake mascot from Corvette Racing.

American Hydrocarbon offers the 1VM Aeromax front splitter for the C8 Corvette starting at $1,295.00

C8 Corvette Speedline 1VM Z51 Side Skirt

American Hydrocarbon’s Speedline 1VM side skirts for the C8 Corvette is an official GM licensed product and they are the perfect complement to the Aeromax wingless front splitter. The side skirts provide great looks and protection from rock strikes and other road debris but are less aggressive in their design when compared to the factory 5VM rocker panels.

C8 Corvette Speedline 1VM Z51 Side Skirt

The 1VM Speedline side skirts are made in Florida from hand-laid fiberglass to create a strong and durable aero component. Owners can really get creative with the variety of finishes including Carbon Flash Metallic, Hydrocarbon, or body color, and you can select from a number of logos or graphics which are painted and then sealed during construction.

The C8 Corvette Speedline 1VM Side Skirts start at $1,795.


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