Payton Gendron Charged In 26-Count Federal Complaint


The U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York has filed a 26-count criminal complaint against the 18-year-old accused of ruthlessly gunning down 10 black people at a Tops supermarket in buffalo for no other reason than those Black people simply existing. The complaint includes hate crime charges and comes after an Erie County grand jury charged him with first-degree domestic act of terrorism motivated by hate.

Ten People Killed In Mass Shooting At Buffalo Food Market

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Payton Gendron is facing the following federal charges reported by WIVB 4:

  • hate crime resulting in death (10 counts)
  • hate crime involving bodily injury and attempt to kill (3 counts)
  • use of a firearm to commit murder during and in relation to a crime of violence (10 counts)
  • use and discharge of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence (3 counts)

Gendron could face the death penalty if he’s convicted of the 10 counts of “use of a firearm to commit murder during and in relation to a crime of violence,” and, regardless of where one stands on the issue of capital punishment, you’d be hard-pressed to find any Black people willing die in an anti-death penalty hill on behalf of that racist waste of space.

Federal officials wrote in the criminal complaint that Gendron embarked on his murderous rampage in order to “prevent Black people from replacing white people and eliminating the white race, and to inspire others to commit similar attacks.”

“After Gendron killed Victim 7, he turned and aimed his rifle at a white male Tops employee (‘Victim 8’), who, at some point during the attack, had been shot in the leg and injured. Rather than shooting him, Gendron said, ‘Sorry,’ to Victim 8, before moving on through the rest of the store in search of more Black people to shoot and kill,” the complaint read.

More from WIBV:

On the rifle used in the crime, federal officials say there were writings, including racial slurs and names of others who have committed mass shootings. Along with that, it is alleged that “Here’s your reparations!” and ‘The Great Replacement” were written on the gun.

Now is as good a time as any to point out that white conservative politicians and pundits have pushed this “Great Replacement Theory”—the idea that white people are being replaced in America by Black people and non-white immigrants—for years and polls show that around 70% of white Republicans still adhere to it. But, of course, conservatives don’t want to talk about that any more than they want to talk about access to guns being the common denominator of literally every mass shooting in the U.S.

Anyway, WIBV noted that Gendron had already been indicted on 25 other criminal charges, which include the following:

  • Domestic act of terrorism motivated by hate in the first degree
  • Murder in the first degree (10 counts)
  • Murder in the second degree, as a hate crime (10 counts)
  • Attempted murder in the second degree, as a hate crime (3 counts)
  • Criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree, an armed felony

Payton is the first person in New York to be charged with a domestic act of terrorism motivated by hate in the first degree—but I think we all know he isn’t the first white person in the state to be guilty of that particular crime. America has always had a problem calling a thing what it is when “what it is” is racial terrorism against Black people. Too much of its history is wrapped up in that.


Buffalo Supermarket Shooter Payton Gendron Indicted By Grand Jury In Court

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