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[PICS] E-Ray Easter Egg? Who is the Mystery Man Sticker and Other Close-Up Views of the E-Ray

[PICS] E-Ray Easter Egg? Who is the Mystery Man Sticker and Other Close-Up Views of the E-Ray

Photo Credits: Stefen Baldauf-SB Medien

Yesterday we posted these fantastic spy photos showing the 2024 Corvette E-Ray on the Nurburgring from Stefen Baldauf and now that I’ve had some um, personal time alone with the images, I want to share these extreme close-up shots that really help to bring the car to life.

We already see that this Corvette prototype has drilled brake rotors which appear to be a first for the C8 era. So what else do we see looking at the high-res photos?

One of the interesting items we found on one of the Corvettes is this sticker of a mystery man affixed to the No.7 Corvette just behind the passenger window:

Mystery Man on E-Ray Prototype

We reached out to several team members to try and find out more about it, but they are keeping their cards pretty close to the chest. Corvette vehicle chief engineer Josh Holder told us “It’s an inside joke…probably only funny to us,” while another team member told us through a third party that it’s “just guys goofing around…nothing to see here.”

We also mentioned yesterday that the No.4 Corvette E-Ray has these plugs with Red and Black caps mounted on the driver-side front fender. We don’t see these plugs on the No.7 prototype:

Plugs on the Car

Before yesterday’s Nurburgring pics arrived in my mailbox, I had just featured some of the Z06 Accessory items that include this visible carbon fiber accessory spoiler. As soon as I started reviewing the Corvette E-Ray photos, that rear spoiler jump right out at me and on review it appears to be the same as the Z06 Accessory spoiler:

Corvette Z06 Accessory Spoiler
Corvette E-Ray Prototype Spoiler

Some of the comments we hear all the time from enthusiasts has to do with complaints about the C8’s wheel gap. I think the engineers nailed it here:

E-Ray Wheel Gap

Here is a comparison of the LT2 vs LT6 corner-mounted exhaust ports. The E-Ray seems to be using the same tips as the Stingray (so far), while the Z06’s Export Exhaust has the squared top and rounded bottoms:

LT2 vs LT6 Exhaust Ports


Photo Credits: Stefen Baldauf-SB Medien


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