[PICS] The Corvette Vanity Plates of the 40th Annual Corvettes at Carlisle


[PICS] The Corvette Vanity Plates of the 40th Annual Corvettes at Carlisle

Photo Credit: Steve Burns

As we put the 2022 40th anniversary edition of Corvette at Carlisle in the rearview mirror, it’s time for another batch of vanity plates.

Carlisle’s 40th show was one for the records books with just under 3,000 registered Corvettes. That translates into one stellar Corvette event and provides plenty of opportunities to check out those oh-so-clever vanity plates.

[PICS] The Corvette Vanity Plates of Corvettes at Carlisle 2022

Over the course of our three days in Carlisle, we spotted GR8 PL8S throughout the fairgrounds. We wandered the sea of Corvettes in the Fun Field. We hit the NCRS Gallery, the 50th anniversary 1972 display, and the 35th anniversary Callaway display, among other event areas. No matter where we went, the next unique vanity plate was just a few steps away.

Some of our favorite plates this year included AW3SUMM on a gray C7, GREN NV on a 1-of-1 C7 Stingray convertible, GR8PNKN on a nice orange C3, and VELACTY on a yellow C6 ZR1. RUMBLE was appropriate for a custom blue C2, and CORV WGN was attached to a white C7 Callaway Aerowagen. Finally, we hope TKTGITR wasn’t a bad omen for a certain C7 Z06 owner on his Carlisle road trip.

As you can see, Corvette owners continue to find new and creative ways to use 7 characters on their tags. Enjoy our gallery of plates from Carlisle below. See your plate? Give yourself a shout-out in the Comments section. Have a cool plate on your ride? Post it up on our Facebook page.


Photos by Steve Burns and Keith Cornett


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