[PICS] Valarra C6 Corvette Receives Custom Chrome Wrap After Three Year Build Completed


[PICS] Valarra C6 Corvette Receives Custom Chrome Wrap After Three Year Build Completed

Just because Chevy has moved on to the eighth generation of its 70-year-old Corvette doesn’t mean artists are through working with the previous seven generations.

Witness this C6 Corvette that has undergone one of the wildest transformations ever, at the hands of Pinellas Park, Florida-based Valarra.

If you’re looking for a car sure to attract attention wherever you go, then this is definitely the one. As Valarra says on its website, “turn an average ride to something unique and personal.”


Three years in the making, Valarra recently posted an updated version of its “complete custom car kit based on the Chevy C6 Corvette platform fabricated with high-quality parts (and) contains all you need – including interior – for a complete transformation.”

Not satisfied just to change the actual car, though, Valarra then commissioned a custom mural by Patrice Moretti (smogoneart on social media) to serve as a perfect backdrop for photos.

Other features of the car – which is billed as “a kit designed with limitless customization” – include suspension products from FlyyAir Suspensions and a wild black and green wrap by Miami, Florida-based MetroWrapz.

As for why Valarra chose the C6, the company says it offers “the best balance of price, performance and style.” Key benefits of the kit include “less extensive fabrication required and high quality parts and performance options,” including the fact that the LS platform “allows for large access to aftermarket parts to make huge power,” they conclude.

Valarra’s “hand crafted sleek aggressive design” comes from the mind of Matthew Mcentegart of Mattao Concepts in Pinellas Park, Florida. Matt is no stranger to designing affordable supercars, as he created the Vaydor exotic bodykit that was featured as the Joker’s car in the Suicide Squad movie.

If you’re wondering the cost of all this fun, the Valarra website says it starts at $18,000 (not including the C6, of course) and goes up from there, depending on how wild and crazy a customer wants to get.


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