Tuesday, October 4, 2022

[PICS] We Asked an AI App to Render ‘The Best Corvette Ever’

[PICS] We Asked an AI App to Render 'The Best Corvette Ever'

Photo Credit: Craiyon AI Engine

Artificial intelligence is now giving the Corvette wave.

We heard about this artificial intelligence model that draws images from any text prompt. No lie, someone asked the artificial intelligence (AI) rendering engine at Craiyon to draw “Guy fieri trail cam footage” and it’s perhaps the most frightening thing you will ever see.

But that sparked an idea, so I asked Craiyon to draw the “Best Corvette Ever,” and apparently Skynet™ loves the C2/C3 Corvettes with their high arched fenders, chrome wheels, and side pipes. The engine gives us nine different versions, and who boy, you wonder if the Salvadore Dali filter was engaged.

AI Draws the Best Corvette Ever

I played around Craiyon some more and the other good response came when I asked it to draw the Fastest Corvette. These all resemble the C7 models:

AI Draws the Fastest Corvette

And finally, here is what I got when I went a little more generic with the prompt and asked for the engine to draw me the Best Sportscar. I’m thinking Craiyon must have a virtual thing for the McLaren and Bugatti as that’s what I’m seeing in this grid show below:

AI Draws the Fastest Corvette

Can you come up with other good AI renders based on a text prompt? If so, let us know your prompt in the comments below.




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