Porsha, The Proud Naija

Like many African-Americans who want to discover their lineage, Porsha decided to take an ancestry test and found out that’s she 44% Nigerian and she’s happy to share the news with the world.

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Porsha celebrated Nigeria’s Independence Day with a post on Instagram. She posed with fiancé, Simon Guobadia, in a green, floor length dress and in the second picture she posted the results of her ancestry test. Her caption read, “#SWIPE Happy Independence Day to Nigeria, my ancestral home🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬💚 I want to announce that I am Officially Nigerian !!! I am 44% Nigerian 🇳🇬🌟 ESEOSA! #YorubaBride #EdoGroom”

Sure enough after posting, Porsha wasted no time to show how proud she was and added the Nigerian flag emoji to her bio on Instagram. Some users clowned her and threw jokes for adding the flag to her bio, while other users encouraged it and were happy to see her repping.

One user commented on the post saying, “When I received my Ancestry and it said I was 40% Nigerian hunny I bought all kinds of flags and t-shirts!”

The Nigerian flag emoji didn’t last long and she eventually removed it from her bio.

As previously reported Simon Guobadia gave Porsha the Nigerian name of Eseosa Guobadia back in April that means ‘God’s Gift’. Porsha told her 6.9 million followers that Simon had been “thinking of the right name” for her for months and after “hearing the name Eseosa” while in Lagos, Nigeria, he thought it was a perfect fit.

Porsha and Simon are planning to have three weddings; a “native law and custom”, a traditional wedding ceremony, and one more wedding to seal their love. Rumors have circulated that the ceremonies will begin around Thanksgiving weekend in Atlanta,GA but nothing has been confirmed.

While Porsha may be living her best life on cloud 9 with her ancestry results, some users on Black Twitter are not here for it.

Do you think Porsha should’ve kept the results to herself? Let us know below!

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