Thursday, September 29, 2022

Pregnant Texas woman gets 2nd ticket for claiming unborn child counts as HOV passenger

A pregnant Texas woman was ticketed — again — for claiming that her unborn child qualified as a passenger while driving in a high-occupancy vehicle lane.

Brandy Bottone received her second ticket earlier this month in the same place where she received her first, according to a Monday report from the Dallas Morning News.

“‘You again?’” Ms. Bottone recalled one deputy saying when speaking with the newspaper, before he asked when she was going to have the baby.

“Tomorrow,” she said she replied.

“‘Oh, good luck,’” the deputy said before handing her the ticket, according to Ms. Bottone.

Ms. Bottone has since given birth to her daughter, who is nearly four weeks old.

She was originally ticketed in July, but told responding officers that her unborn daughter counted as a passenger, given the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and Texas law recognizing yet-to-be born children as living persons.

The Morning News reported that the traffic ticket against Ms. Bottone was dismissed by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office after “a review of the facts and circumstances of this case, and applicable law.”      

Ms. Bottone told the newspaper that she’s not trying to prove a point, she’s just taking advantage of an unsettled legal matter.

“Nobody is answering whether it’s right or wrong,” she told the Morning News. “They dismissed it. Why do I have to change my belief? … It doesn’t answer the question. Did I get it right or did I get it wrong?”

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