Preliminary 2023 Corvette Z06 Orders Can Now Be Submitted


2023 Corvette Z06 Orders Can Now Be Submitted

Although July 28th is circled on our calendar as the date for the Z06’s order books to open up, we’ve heard from dealers and customers who were able to submit their orders today for America’s next supercar.

These are preliminary orders that are going in at Status 1100 which is the first step of the order process. However, there is a pretty big catch as pricing is not yet showing up on those who have submitted orders as of today.

Dealers still are waiting for allocations and, of course, the day when they can start matching those allocations to customer orders for the first order cycle.

There’s a big difference between an 1100 Status order and having that order matched to an actual allocation so that the order process can move forward. Hopefully, dealers will take the slow and cautious route instead of trying to load every name on their lists without knowing allocations, as that gives false hope to those with an 1100 status order.

Here’s what one user from the says about placing his order today:

“I also had my order submitted to 1100 about an hour ago. I’m first at my dealership and now waiting on the all important allocation. Have an order number. At least a small step forward.”

“No pricing was shown or printed out. Gas guzzler tax not listed either. One of my options was ZZ3 appearance package and it wasn’t listed. Could be added later or get it as an LPO over the counter if it doesn’t become available before order is picked up. I realize I need the allocation before anything happens.”

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