REVIEW: Road and Track’s Drive of the 2023 Corvette Z06 is a Very Good Read and Maybe the Best Pics

REVIEW: Road and Track's Drive of the 2023 Corvette Z06 is a Very Good Read and Maybe the Best Pics

Unlike its sister publication, Road & Track only has one Z06 link available presently, but Travis Okulski’s writeup just might get our vote as the cream of the early crop of reviews.

We will never argue against the quality over quantity approach, and DW Burnett’s rolling Rapid Blue shots also take the cake, here! You can hire a writer away from Jalopnik, but you can’t take the Jalop out of the writer, so there is some anti-GM and anti-Corvette bias baked into the review, but on a day that often feels like it was Z06-level engineered from the ground up by the General’s marketing department, a bit of shade getting flung somehow makes the smattering of praise feel more genuine.

A paragraph from the middle is the most enlightening thing we read all all day. As R&T has early access at a road course far away from the rest of the reviewing hoard, they were – almost – able to shine a light on exactly how focused Chevy’s new “track-focused” ‘Vette is.

And it’s fast. On Monticello’s shorter layout, the Z06 was hitting 140+ mph on the back straight and lapping within a second of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black we tested at our car of the year test last year, a Nürburgring record holder with 50 more horsepower and gobs more downforce. There’s definitely more time in the Z06.

And, we already knew that the LT6 was going to be special, but the following sentences perfectly sum up what anyone departing with the healthy part of $200,000 wants to hear; this thing is the whole package!

Braking performance might be the killer app, with repeated stops from mid-triple digits greeted with high initial bite and no signs of fade after multiple laps. Superior ABS tuning also worked with the brilliant Magneride suspension to eliminate any signs of lockup on Monticello’s bumpy braking zones. The adjustable brake feel allowed by the brake-by-wire system wasn’t disconcerting either, instead feeling natural and linear.

Road and Track’s Hot Lap at Monticello in the 2023 Corvette Z06:



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