Rochester cop suspended for handcuffing Black woman EMT


Badge and handcuffs for police duties

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Police can often be some of the most over reactionary, overcompensating, overly aggressive people in society. Some of these cops get a raging stiffy at the thought to putting on a gun and badge and lording over Black folks like legitimate slavemasters. We see proof of this over and over again. Today is no exception…

Rochester Cop Handcuffs Black EMT For Bumping Police Car

We came across this story via Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp on Instagram and it made us hotter than fish grease. A protected, white, and unnamed Rochester cop is seen in a now-viral video handcuffing a Black EMT while she is tending to a patient and dragging her outside. The bacon-scented boy in blue claims he arrested Lekia Smith because she bumped his lil’ bum a** patrol car.

What ACTUALLY happened is that this cop was parked in the ambulance unloading bay and obstructing the path for emergency vehicles. When Smith and her partner pulled up with an injured person, they were in a rush and upon exiting the ambulance, Smith “made contact” with the cop car. That lil’ ding must have bruised Lt. D***head’s fragile ego.

Witnesses told NBC affiliate WHEC of Rochester that after the EMT accidentally bumped the investigator’s car, he asked for her identification and Smith insisted on getting her patient inside the hospital first. At the hospital check-in desk, however, the irate investigator pulled the EMT’s arms behind her back and handcuffed her, then dragged her to his police car.


First and foremost, Sgt. Sucka-sauce is in the wrong from the gate by blocking ambulances. Second, and most importantly, who gives a f*** about that patrol car? It’s not like it’s the cop’s personal vehicle and even if it was, still, who gives a f***? Take the L.

According to NBC News, the officer has been “suspended” (with pay) and Smith is filing a lawsuit against the city.

Smith “was handcuffed while attempting to care for her patient, forcefully led to a police car and placed, still handcuffed in the locked back seat area of the car, at which time the investigator got into the backseat with her and proceeded to lecture her about why he was right, she was in the wrong, and his (over the top) response was necessary as a result of her actions,” Smith’s attorney, Donald Thompson told NBC News.

F12. Always and all days.


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