RUMOR: Interior Changes Coming to the C8 Corvette in 2024?


RUMOR: Interior Changes coming to the C8 Corvette in 2024?

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Only a few nit-picky complaints about the new mid-engine Corvette have surfaced as Chevy’s supercar begins its fourth year of production with the 2023s.

Foremost among those is the awkward location of the charging slot on the waterfall between the seats. Then there is the controversial Great Wall of Buttons on the console.

Personally, we don’t see either of these design features as being problematic, but GM Authority is nevertheless citing sources that claim relief is on the way for these naysayers, with a redesigned interior possibly debuting with the ’24 Stingray.

Already, Chevrolet has pushed out an over-the-air software update for the inductive phone recharging port that sends out a notification because some owners were getting out of their cars and leaving their phones behind.

The new interior, according to GM Authority’s sources, will have more substantial physical changes, including some sort of grab bar for easier egress/ingress similar to that found in the C7.

GM Authority has also been told that the Great Wall will be “relocated and/or reconfigured in some way.”

2023 Corvette Z06 Interior

Other forthcoming interior changes, according to GMA, could be a new display screen and/or digital dash display, new interior upholstery colors and other new options and features.

Of course, we’ve heard for years that the interior would be changed so we will believe it when we see it. There is precedent for such mid-cycle changes, though, as the C4 changed its instrument panel dramatically in 1990.


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