Russian Prosecutors Seek 9.5 Years Jail Time In Brittney Griner Trial


Russian prosecutors are now seeking 9 and a half years of jail time in Brittney Griner’s trial for cannabis possession.



Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia basically for the entirety of 2022. News of her arrest didn’t even surface until mid-March and since then her family has been fighting nonstop. Last month Griner wrote an open letter to President Biden asking for help regaining her freedom. Biden confirmed he received her letter and everyone else’s letters and is working on the situation. Reportedly Biden is working on a prisoner swap with Russia which is good news. The bad news is Russia is requesting the release of a person known as ‘The Merchant of Death’ who is in US custody.

Russian Prosecutors Seek 9.5 Years Jail Time In Brittney Griner Trial.

Russian prosecutors have officially asked for Brittney Griner to serve 9.5 years in jail for drug possession which she pleaded guilty to recently. Just so we are clear Griner allegedly had Vape cartridges in her bag at the airport, a very small infraction but Russia is hard on drugs, and it is clear this is calculated on Russia’s behalf. Early today Griner spoke to the court and even mentioned the political side of the situation according to ESPN.

“never meant to break any law”

“I know everybody keeps talking about ‘political pawn’ and ‘politics,’ but I hope that is far from this courtroom,” Griner said.

Griner also apologized for embarrassing her Russian Tekaterinburg teammates who she plays for in the off-season. She also apologized to her wife, family, and the WNBA. Hopefully, the prisoner swap takes place and BG can be home sooner than later.


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