San Francisco Sued After Rape Kit DNA Used To Arrest Woman


City of San Francisco sued after woman’s is arrested by DNA taken from her rape kit on an unrelated charge.

DNA analysis


DNA and DNA technology has always been a sensitive subject and when in the right hands can be used for good. For example 23&Me has helped people reconnect with family members they didn’t know exist, while learning more about their family history. With Ancestry you can get details of your family tree that you assume was lost over time. When the DNA gets in the wrong hands from these apps and companies  or even police labs it can be used by police to identify suspects or get close enough to locate a familiar match.

DNA From A Woman’s Rape Kit Used To Arrest Her On Unrelated Charges

According to CBS News, we may found the most egregious case of mishandling of DNA. A rape victim is suing the City of San Francisco after DNA from her sexual assault case was allegedly used by SFPD to arrest her on a unrelated property crime. Her DNA was being stored in a SFPD crime lab as apart of a 2016 domestic violence and sexual assault case. Per federal law it is prohibited to include victims DNA in the national combined DNA index system. After news broke of where the DNA came from charges were dropped against the woman. No matter how this happened one thing is for certain someone is going to have to pay for the mistake.


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