Sen. John Kennedy compares Biden to old Buick


Sen. John Kennedy compared President Biden to “an old Buick” late Wednesday, tearing into the commander-in-chief for everything from inflation to the rising crime rate.

Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, the Louisiana Republican said the American people believe Mr. Biden isn’t running the country, noting the president’s recent gaffes.

While visiting Israel on Wednesday, Mr. Biden mistakenly said we must keep alive the “honor of the Holocaust,” the second major flub in less than a week.

“They think the president is not the president,” Mr. Kennedy said. “They think the real president is whoever controls the teleprompter. Number two: Fair or unfair, the majority of Americans think that President Biden is too old. Kind of like an old Buick. Some days he starts, some days he doesn’t.”

Mr. Kennedy also took a shot at members of the Biden administration, criticizing its stances on criminal justice and gender issues.

“A majority of Americans think that the people President Biden has appointed to run his government are deeply weird. And, they are. Many of these appointees, they curl up in a protective ball if you use the wrong pronoun. They pride themselves on not prosecuting criminals. Their executive skills extend no further than ordering a pizza,” he said. 

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