[SPIED] 70th Anniversary Carbon Flash Z06 on a Jack Cooper Transporter


[SPIED] 70th Anniversary Carbon Flash Z06 on a Jack Cooper Transporter

Remember those five Z06s captured leaving the Corvette Assembly Plant late last week? Here is a great picture of that same Carbon Flash Metallic 70th Anniversary Z06 positioned on the rear of that Jack Cooper Transporter. The original sighting also showed a White Pearl Metallic Z06 on the transporter as well.

We caught these shared photos on the MECF and that got us to thinking about the starting price of the 70th Anniversary Editions for the Z06.

The 70th Anniversary models require the 3LZ trim at $120,445 (Coupe) plus the $5,995 for Y70 Anniversary package for a starting price of $126,440. However, this black carbon flash metallic beauty on the Jack Cooper transport is also armed with the Z07 Performance Package, and as this is a company car, we think it most likely has the T0G visible carbon fiber aero package which means just those four options (3LZ, Z07, T0G, Y70) will cost you $145,930.

According to the poster, these Z06s were spied heading towards the Milford Proving Ground.

70th Anniversary Edition
70th Anniversary Edition



[SPIED] 70th Anniversary Corvette Z06 on a Jack Cooper Transporter Leaving the Assembly Plant

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