[SPIED] A load of Corvette Z06s on a Transporter in Ohio


[SPIED] A load of Corvette Z06s on a Transporter in Ohio

Here are some great photos of four new 2023 Corvette Z06s traveling through Troy, Ohio on the back of a Jack Cooper transporter. Most likely, these are headed to Detroit where they will be integrated into the CTF program for use by Corvette engineers and other GM employees, third party testing companies. Hopefully soon, there will even be cars available for ride-and-drive events! Diffinately looking forward to that.

The pics come courtesy of CASTLEMAN on the who said:

In Troy Ohio this Tuesday and woke up in the morning to find a trailer full of Z06s and C8s. Sweet breakfast treat!

It’s nice to see that the four Z06s are wearing different colors, and once again with the four together, it really allows us to compare and contrast the four colors. Here we have Red Mist, Silver Flare, Rapid Blue and a Hypersonic Gray on display. All four are Z07s and all but the Rapid Blue are wearing visible Carbon Fiber wheels. Which is your favorite?

According to our friend Rick Conti who did a video breaking down the first 90+ CTF Z06 builds, Chevrolet has up to this point built over 120 Corvette Z06s and these are probably additions to that previous total. That’s a lot of production-ready Z06s that have been built at BGA, and I’m betting the Corvette production team is just as raring to go as the customers.



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