[SPIED] Another Z06 Corvette Spotted in Body-Color Trim


[SPIED] Another Z06 Corvette Spotted in Body-Color Trim

Ever since the first official photo of the 2023 Corvette Z06 was revealed, there have been those who have wanted to spec their Z06s with a body-color exterior trim instead of the usual Carbon Flash Metallic. That’s because many didn’t like the look of the Z06’s side intake trim which some have dubbed the “wishbone” or “spear” based on its shape.

After we first caught sight of such a car back on March on a Z06 Right Hand Drive Coupe in Amplify Orange that was optioned with the body color trim, a certain segment of the Corvette Z06-loving populace got more excited than usual with the possibility that the RPO EFY might be available for ordering.

Unfortunately, it looks like EFY will not be available for at least the first year of ordering. The ability to review body-color trim on the Z06 Visualizer was never made available and now that we have the 2023 Corvette Z06 Order Guide to review, we find that EFY is only offered for the ’23 Stingray models.

[SPIED] Another Z06 Corvette Spotted in Body-Color Trim

But maybe GM isn’t done thinking about it yet though, as here is another sighting of the EFY trim package, and this time it’s showing on an Accelerate Yellow C8Z!

The video comes from @car_scene_culture on Instagram and it looks like someone is taking a walk through Detroit-area GM parking lot as there are several Z06 CTF cars shown including one in Caffeine Metallic and we even see one in camouflage.


@car_scene_culture / Instagram


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