Starbucks and Delta Air Lines form loyalty program partnership

Consumers are now able to link their Starbucks Rewards and Delta SkyMiles accounts.

Linking the two accounts gives customers one SkyMile for every pre-tax dollar spent at participating Starbucks locations, the two companies announced Wednesday.

Those who link their accounts before Dec. 31 will, upon making a qualifying purchase, receive 500 airline miles and 150 Starbucks rewards points.

150 points are “enough for a free coffee or bakery treat,” according to a FAQ explaining the new partnership.

In addition, consumers with linked accounts will receive double rewards points on Starbucks purchases made at participating locations the same day they take a flight on Delta Air Lines.

Delta Air Lines is the first U.S. partner for Starbucks’ “Reward Together” initiative, which aims to continue linking Starbucks Rewards with other loyalty programs.

Delta also offers rewards for Lyft rides, Instacart purchases, and stays at an Airbnb, according to CNN Business.

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