SuperDuperKyle And DJ Jadaboo Cook For “Made From Scratch”


Who doesn’t love tamales?

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And what could be better than two people in love making tamales together? We’re big fans of Fuse’s show “Made From Scratch” and we’ve got an exclusive clip from today’s episode featuring none other than rapper SuperDuperKyle and DJ Jadaboo making tamales, a classic recipe from DJ Jadaboo’s family, where we also get an inside look into the couple’s relationship.

Check out the clip below:

Wasn’t that so cute? LOL hilarious how Kyle tried to act like DJ Jadaboo’s high school home ec course counts as culinary training right?!

The episode premieres this Thursday on Fuse and Fuse+.

“Made From Scratch” is the not-really-a-cooking-show that features artists and entertainers as they prepare a home-cooked meal with their family and friends, inviting viewers to share the love and feed the soul. It’s about the intimate, genuine moments where food creates a bond, and artists can let down their guard and reveal how food and family have influenced them.

Season four features actress/producer Eva Longoria (“The Boss Baby 2: Family Business”), singer-songwriter Noah Cyrus, actors Javon Walton (“Euphoria”) and Jason Genao (“On My Block”), professional gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins (“Free Guy”), musician/activist/reality star Amara La Negra (“Don’t Cancel Me”) and singers Kyle and Syd.

We’ve shared clips from a few episodes both this season and previous seasons, but this one might be one of our favorites. If you went on “Made From Scratch” who would you want to cook with and what would you make?


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