Saturday, October 1, 2022

Supreme Court rejects Biden’s bid to revive policy stopping deportations

The Supreme Court denied the Biden administration’s attempt to revive Homeland Security’s new rules limiting which illegal immigrants can be targeted for arrest or deportation, but the justices said Thursday they will speed the case onto their calendar for a full hearing later this year.

President Biden’s team had lost in lower courts, with judges ruling Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas cut legal corners and violated immigration law in carving whole categories of illegal immigrants out of danger of deportation.

Mr. Biden’s lawyers had asked the justices to stay the lower court decision while the case was argued, but a divided Supreme Court rejected that. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a GOP appointee, joined the court’s three Democratic appointees in dissenting.

The court did agree to the Biden team’s request to skip over more lower court wrangling and take the case up directly. The justices set oral argument for the first week in December.

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