Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tennessee couple charged with breaking into church to play piano, stealing Bibles

A Tennessee couple is accused of breaking into a church last week to play its piano, and then stealing items on the way out.

Police in Hendersonville charged Sebastian Spencer, 20, and Danielle Salvato, 19, with misdemeanor theft and felony burglary, accusing the pair of entering the Indian Lake Peninsula Church through an unlocked door shortly before 1 a.m. last Thursday.

“Both subjects admitted to detectives that they were looking for a piano to play because they both play the piano, they knew churches had pianos so they were looking for an unlocked church to play the piano,” Detective Stephan Fye told TV station WKRN, the ABC affiliate in Nashville.

The two spent roughly 30 minutes playing piano before they exited the church — but not before stealing four Bibles, two drumsticks and an empty collection plate, according to authorities.

WKRN reported that surveillance video outside the church captured the couple, with sound, as they were walking back to Mr. Spencer’s 2004 orange Mustang.

“I found a piano. I’m so shocked we found one at the first church,” Ms. Salvato reportedly said.

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“I know right?” Mr. Spencer replied.

“There were so many more churches I was ready to go to,” she added.

The church’s pastor noticed there was a break-in the following morning. Police were called and tracked down the suspects thanks to the cameras.

Police said that Mr. Spencer and Ms. Salvato confessed and handed over the stolen items when confronted by authorities.

“They just admitted it was dumb, probably should not have done it. They knew it was a mistake inherently,” Mr. Fye said, adding that neither suspect apologized for the burglary.

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