Tesla recalls over a million cars over window issue


Tesla has ordered a recall of 1.1 million of its vehicles over windows that could pinch its customers.

In its filing with safety regulators, Tesla mentioned that the problem was found in recent testing of its vehicles and that it have not received any reports of injuries from the defect.

Tesla technicians noticed during testing that the windows were bypassing a safety protocol that is supposed to stop them from closing if an obstacle is in the way, like a human arm.

The company says that it should be able to fix the issue with a software update and that customers will not need to bring in their cars for service.

The recall comes as Tesla has been under heavy scrutiny for the rollout of its self-driving technology.

Tesla has recalled features relating to its self-driving technology before, including software that allowed cars to drift past stop signs and play video games while the car was in motion.

The models included in the window recall are the 2017-2022 Model 3, the 2020-2021 Y, the 2021-2022 S and X.


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