Texans Sued For Allegedly Enabling DeShaun Watson’s Misconduct


Houston Texans sued for allegedly enabling DeShaun Watson’s sexual misconduct, lawsuit alleges they not only ignored his behavior, but helped.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

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DeShaun Watson was able to settle 20 of his 24 sexual misconduct lawsuits, but the overall situation is far from over. There are still 4 lawsuits that, for now, seem like they will go to court. On top of that, Watson still has a pending punishment coming from the NFL.

Rumors have suggested he could be suspended for another year or even indefinitely, which the Cleveland Browns and Watson anticipated. According to TMZ, now Tony Buzbee, who represents over 20 women suing Watson, has filed suit against the Houston Texans.

Houston Texans sued for allegedly helping DeShaun Watson’s sexual misconduct

The woman suing the Houston Texans is Toi Garner, who claims during a 2020 massage she was assaulted and harassed by Watson. Garner claims she was aggressively assaulted by Watson, who exposed his body and touched her with his penis before ejaculating onto her. The reason for her suing the Texans is their role in the assault and in the lawsuit, she alleges they not only turned a “blind eye” to his “egregious behavior,” but they helped him.


The suit goes on to accuse the Texans of also allowing him to use their massage tables and providing Waton with non-disclosure agreements, which he then harassed women to sign during massage sessions.



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