The Collection


I have been collecting these porcelain ashtrays in the shape of be-gloved, cupped hands for years. They were a popular novelty item produced in Japan after WWII. And to be honest, I have even more of these than what you see here, they’re just strewn about the apartment, either holding soap, holding incense, or holding the smoldering ashes that I couldn’t possibly hold in my own hands, thank you very much.
One finds these featuring an array of details that I love to see in each individual piece: sometimes the nails are painted gold to match the divet intended for a cigarette at the base of each hand, sometimes the fingers are long and elegant, or loosely arranged to intend a kind of casual “come hither” cup. I think the best thing about these is that they offer a chance to feel as if the thing in them are special, hence my preference to keep jewelry in ’em.
Since there’s a bit too much in here to list individually, feel free to leave a comment if you’re curious about what anything is or where it came from.

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