Monday, September 26, 2022

The Exhaust of the C8 Corvette Z06 Makes the Cover of the duPont Registry

The Exhaust of the C8 Corvette Z06 Makes the Cover of the duPont Registry

Photo Credit: duPont Registry

I’ve subscribed to the duPont Registry for many years. I love looking at the exotic cars and supercars and I’m amazed at the prices of the Lamborghinis and Ferraris….hey, a guy can dream, right!

But when I got my July 2022 issue this week, much to my surprise, there was a very dramatic shot of the center exhaust of the new C8 Z06! I anxiously open my magazine to page 14, and there’s a two-page cover shot of an orange C8 Z06/Z07 with the title of the article reading “Made In America.”

The Exhaust Of The C8 Z06 Makes The Cover Of The duPont Registry!

I was so excited – I thought to myself, “Hey, we’ve really made it-the duPont Registry is covering the new Z06!” The article talks about the cockpit of the C8 being inspired by fighter jets, raves about the new LT6 engine while going into great detail about its specs, and claims that “Chevrolet has created a true American supercar that will be cherished and driven for decades to come”.

It looks like there are two covers to this July 2022 issue – I got the better one of the two with the center exhaust featured.

Check out issue #446 of the duPont Registry. I’m keeping mine!


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