The Technology Every Small and Medium Business Should Invest In


People Counting Solutions and Add-Ons For Small and Medium Businesses

No matter how large or small your business is, if you don’t invest in the right technology, you won’t be able to keep up and stay afloat, let alone improve your business. For instance, in the recent past businesses that reacted quickly to changes brought about by social media platforms thrived, while those who reacted slowly… Well, they’re mostly gone now. Make sure to leverage your most valuable asset – data – and listen to what your store tells you.

Although people counting has been available for some time now, most SMEs couldn’t afford it, until recently. Ultima Go breaks all entry barriers to make high-quality people counting affordable for all types of retail stores. 

Counting the number of people entering and leaving your store alone won’t get you any meaningful insights though. That’s why we bundle Ultima Go with our exceptional Business Intelligence Platform, it plays a crucial role in addressing the unique challenges your business faces with four key solutions and even more optional add-ons. Here are some of them and how they can help you improve your business and generate more revenue:

Ultima Go Solutions and Add-Ons

People Counting

V-Count provides a world-class solution for people counting. You can analyze foot traffic, make data-driven decisions, and increase revenue with our easy-to-use people counter and powerful e-commerce analytics platform.

Below are some of the add-ons you can also pick up and see how they can help you improve your business and generate more revenue:

Real-time Occupancy

Measuring footfall traffic accurately in real-time is an excellent way to enhance customer satisfaction and improve employee productivity. BIP stores all this historical data to help you identify the peak shopping hours or days in your store, and use it to plan campaigns during these periods and make staff allocations accordingly. 

Child & Adult Differentiation

Ultima Go can differentiate adults and children with high accuracy. Customer behavior can change drastically based on age, and in most cases, adults do the actual shopping and bring in more revenue. Ultima Go allows you to measure conversion rates more accurately and healthily by separating your visitors into adults and children.

Group Counting

Most of the people counting sensors on the market are using outdated technologies. They count people entering a store together as one customer, and they end up collecting inaccurate data. Considering how these old-school sensors fail at differentiating a group from a person, the most basic bit of people counting, one can’t expect them to track the customer journey of a group of people like families, a group of friends, or couples.

The shopper journey changes significantly in packs, hence detecting groups of customers is essential. In most cases, only one person in a group does the shopping, and the rest tag along. The Ultima Go sensor recognizes crowds moving together and counts them as one customer.

Lost Sales Opportunities

Using your traffic statistics, you can compare them to customer transactions to determine how many sales opportunities you have missed. This data can help you discover insights that will help you convert more visitors into customers.

BIP provides an easy-to-track chart that shows when and under what conditions you’re missing sales opportunities. This KPI will help you determine the cause of the missing sales and provide you with actionable insights.

Does Your Retail Need All These Traffic Counting Solutions?

In short, no. That’s why BIP can be customized to suit the specific needs of your store. For SMEs looking to thrive in a competitive market, Ultima Go and BIP are the perfect combination. Ultima Go collects all the data you need and sends it to BIP for analysis. Here, you can customize your dashboard and use the solutions that will benefit your business the most. 

Their powers combined, Ultima Go and BIP can accurately differentiate children and adults, detect groups, give you all the insights you need about the customer journey, and more. Which solutions you need depends on the type of business you’re running and of course your goals. We’re here to help you figure out exactly which solutions you need. Reach out to us and we’ll get you started. 


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