Third Time a Charm? General Motors Refiles for ZORA Trademark


Third Time a Charm? General Motors Refiles for ZORA Trademark

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General Motors has moved once again to protect the name ZORA by reregistering it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The trademarked name would be used for “motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles.”

Corvette enthusiasts know the name refers to the iconic first chief engineer of the Corvette, Zora Arkus-Duntov who pushed the Corvette to compete against the world and advocated the move to a mid-engine configuration for the American sports car as far back as the fifties.

The new trademark was filed on June 20, 2022:

ZORA Trademark

This is the third time that GM has registered the ZORA name. It first received the rights to the name via an assignment back in 2014 and then it was reregistered again in December 2018. Since that second filing, GM got busy and registered ZORA in a number of markets around the world including the United Kingdom, the European Union, China, Australia, Japan, and a multitude of other nations.

The C8 ZORA has long been rumored to be the top dog in the C8 lineup. It will take the twin-turbo version of the LT7 5.5L DOHC and will also be equipped with an AWD hybrid-electric drivetrain with drive motors on the front wheels much like is expected with the E-Ray. Unlike the E-Ray, the ZORA could generate a combined 1000 horsepower with 1000 lb-ft of torque. We could also see the addition of Active Aerodynamics while the body would be the widest and wildest to date.

When the ZORA will arrive is anyone’s guess, but if we go by the expected rollout of a new model for each year once the 2023 Corvette Z06 is launched, that could mean 2026 at the earliest behind the 2024 E-Ray and the arrival of the 2025 ZR1.

Throwing a wrench in those launch plans could be the Grand Sport, a model which appeared in both previous generations after being one-year special editions back in 1996 and 1963. General Motors reregistered the trademark for the Grand Sport name just last month and the name has rich historical opportunities should GM go that route with the E-Ray, the GT3 racing platform now under development, or a completely different car that slots somewhere in the lineup.


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