Tiger Woods Reportedly Turns Down $800M To Join LIV Golf


Tiger Woods was reportedly approached to join LIV Golf but he declined the offer—and the whopping $800 million check.

The Open Championship - Day One

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Right now in the golf world, a cold war is going on between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf Invitational Series. Of course in battle even in business, you have certain things you need in order to attract people to your side of the table. Most importantly you need money and LIV is being financed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund which means the money is there. According to ESPN, LIV Golf was able to secure past major champions Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, and Brooks Koepka with guaranteed contracts reportedly worth between $100 million and $200 million, plus additional prize money at each event.

Tiger Woods Reportedly Turns Down $800M To Join LIV Golf.

While LIV golf was able to secure other former champions rumors surfaced that they had their eyes set on golf legend Tiger Woods. Woods was reportedly offered a high 9-figure deal between $700M and $800M but declined. Those rumors were confirmed recently when LIV CEO joined Fox News to discuss the business.

“That number was out there before I became CEO,” Norman told Fox News per ESPN. “Look, Tiger is a needle mover, right? So, of course, you’ve got to look at the best of the best. They had originally approached Tiger before I became CEO. That number is somewhere in that neighborhood.”

Woods has been critical of LIV in the past and the players joining the other side claimed they turned their backs on the PGA that helped them even get the opportunity. Tiger seems to be loyal to the core, with $800M on the line there aren’t many people that would say no.


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