Topless Argentina fan at World Cup could face jail time for violating Qatar’s strict dress code


A fan of Argentina’s soccer team risked jail time for taking her top off in the midst of the champions’ World Cup celebration Sunday.

Cameras caught a glimpse of the topless blond woman following Gonzalo Montiel’s cup-clinching goal that defeated France 4-2 in the penalty shootout — the South American country’s first cup win since 1986.

The woman was escorted out of the stadium after the gesture, according to the Daily Mail.

Both men and women visiting Qatar were asked to dress more conservatively while staying in the Arab nation, including wearing clothing that covered both their shoulders and their knees.

Tight clothing — such as anything that accentuated cleavage — was strictly prohibited.

Still, Croatian model Ivana Knoll became a World Cup outlier for wearing some revealing outfits during the tournament, according to The Mirror in the U.K.


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