U.S., South Korea fly bomber training missions amid tensions with North


The U.S. and South Korea flew nuclear-capable bombers and advanced stealth fighters on Tuesday in a demonstration of their ability to operate together in a combat environment.

The drills took place in South Korea’s air defense identification zone southwest of the country’s Jeju island. It involved U.S. B-52 strategic bombers and F-22 stealth fighters, along with F-35 and F-15 fighters from the Republic of Korea.

“The deployment of the B-52H and F-22 fighters this time is part of an effort to reinforce the credibility of the U.S.’ extended deterrence,” the Yonhap News Agency said, citing the South Korean Defense Ministry.

The F-22 fighters were sent from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. They will conduct separate air drills with South Korea’s F-35A jets to improve the ability of both countries to respond to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, defense officials in Seoul said.

The latest air mission comes after Pyongyang launched two medium-range ballistic missiles on Sunday, officials said.


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