Union Pub offers $218 ‘Speaker of the Pub’ amid Kevin McCarthy stalemate


Capitol Hill bars this week have been serving House lawmakers and staffers in dire need of a stiff one after working into the evening on a day of stalemated votes on the House speaker post.

Naturally, “218,” the number of votes needed to name a speaker, has become the stuff of promotions.

The Union Pub on Massachusetts Avenue came up with — “the Speaker of the Pub.”

The bar’s Twitter account promoted a $218 package involving potables and munchables in denominations of “2,” “1” and “8.”

“2 Buckets of Bud/Bud Light; 8 Shots of Whiskey; 1 Bottle of Wine; 1 Bottle of Fancy Champagne; Platter of Totchos; ‘Speaker of the Pub’ Gavel,” Union Pub wrote on Twitter.

The bar began offering the promotion Thursday afternoon “& until a Speaker of the House is elected!”

Shortly before 7 p.m., the bar said it had sold three of the packages.

Barely an hour later, the House adjourned for the day after the 11th stalemated vote of the week.

That’s a whole evening of potential Speakers of the Pub.

The House convenes again at noon Friday, and reports in The Washington Times and other news outlets suggest the deadlock potentially breaking.

But until then…


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