[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Falls to a Telsa Plaid at Cleetus McFarland’s Spectator Drags


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Falls to a Telsa Plaid at Cleetus McFarland's Spectator Drags

Our friend Matt from the Rear Wheel Drive YouTube channel was recently back at Cleetus McFarland’s Freedom Factory for another go at the Spectator Drags, which is a head-to-head race around an oval circuit with the winner being the driver who wins two out three races. Matt won this event back in July 2021, so when we saw he was racing there again, we had to watch!

This is a pretty cool event, and the Stingray has done well there over the last two events with it having both a win and 2nd place finish. Since then, Matt has completely changed his car with a new Liberty Walk widebody kit so how would he do this time?

His first opponent is an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio and the widebody Stingray makes quick work of the Italian SUV. Unfortunately for Matt, his next opponent is a Tesla Plaid which makes quick work of the Stingray. We thought Matt might have had a chance in that first race, but the Tesla is just too darn quick.

In the after-action report, Matt says it was tough being knocked out of the race in the second round, but that at least it was by the car that would go on to win the event.

Even though you now know the outcome, it’s still fun to watch! Check it out here:


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