[VIDEO] Corvette Racing’s Garcia and Taylor Driving the New C8 Z06 at Road America


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's Garcia and Taylor Driving the New C8 Z06 at Road America

We caught these two videos shared late afternoon on Thursday that were tweeted from our friends at Corvette Racing. At first, we were thinking this was related to Jordan’s failure at picking Airbnb rentals which he documented a couple weeks ago because Chevrolet said “No rental cars this weekend for Jordan and Antonio.” But it turns out that Chevy has something way cooler for the guys to drive for the IMSA race weekend at Road America.

“Am I picking which one…?” Jordan asks as he walks into a garage with two 2023 Corvette Z06s parked inside. “I’ll take this one,” says Jordan as he points to the Rapid Blue Z06.

The choice was either a Black Z06 or one in Rapid Blue. Both were featured in the Z07 Performance Package. However, the Rapid Blue C8Z has the visible carbon fiber wheel option while the Black C8Z has the black Spider alloy wheels.

With the choice of colors already made, now it’s Antonio Garcia’s turn to check out the 2023 Corvette Z06. As you can see, he is literally jumping over the moon at the opportunity to start up America’s next great sports car. Okay, not really. Instead, the “King of Spain’s” reaction to the start-up of the Z06 is about what you would expect from the very low-key Spanish driver who simply nods and flashes a thumbs up on the sound of the exhaust note bark.

Hopefully, Corvette Racing’s Richard Prince will have photo opportunities with the drivers and their off-track rides this weekend at Road America.

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