[VIDEO] Driving All Eight Corvette Generations in One Day!


[VIDEO] Driving All Eight Corvette Generations in One Day!

How many of you have driven an example of each Corvette generation over your lifetime?

We’re sure there are a lot of people out there who have done that.

Starting in 1979, when I test drove – but couldn’t afford – a used light blue ’78 at a Chevy dealer in Marietta, I’ve been fortunate enough to drive C3s through C8s and dream of the day when I can finally climb behind the wheel of a C1 and C2.

But how many of you have ever driven all eight generations of Corvette – IN ONE DAY?

Well, that’s what Adam with the DriveItOut YouTube channel recently did, with the help of several friendly Corvette owners.

[VIDEO] Driving All Eight Corvette Generations in One Day!

Standing beside a Torch Red mid-engine C8, Adam says, “many people don’t realize there’s 70 years of history with the Corvette now – we’ve had this car since 1953. So how did we get here, and what kind of changes did the Corvette go through over those 70 years and eight generations to get to this?”

That started Adam to think about how awesome it would be to drive all eight generations of the Corvette in one day, a perspective not too many people have ever enjoyed. “What’s different about each one? What are you gaining with each new generation? And maybe what are you losing?” he wonders.

[VIDEO] Test Driving All Eight Corvette Generations in One Day!

The video starts and finishes with all eight generations parked outside Lee’s Summit Total Auto Care in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Included is an index so you can skip from generation to generation rather easily, and near the end of the nearly 69-minute-long video, you get to see all eight generations from different views in a line, rolling down the highway.

By the time he finishes, Adam is giddy about the experience, saying: “I can’t imagine a better test drive session than to drive every generation because you get a feel for what each car represents, you know, the era that these cars are from. They have so much in common, but yet they all were pushing the boundaries in some sort of way. I love all these cars – they all have something special to provide.”

Enough talking, though, let’s go look at some Corvettes!


DriveItOut / YouTube


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