[VIDEO] Florida Sheriff Unveils New C7 Corvette Z06 Police Car ‘Donated’ by a Local Felon


[VIDEO] Florida Sheriff Unveils New C7 Corvette Z06 Police Car 'Donated' by a Local Felon

We told you a few days ago about an underpowered 1977 Corvette being used as a PR tool for a Missouri police department.

No such performance problems exist, however, with this 2016 Corvette Z06 recently confiscated from local drug dealers by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in Pensacola, Florida.

Lawmen showed off the 650-horsepower Z06 Friday afternoon, revealing the car’s new wrap that was paid for by the nonprofit Escambia County Sheriff Foundation that funds community engagement and outreach projects for the department.

Florida Sheriff Unveils C7 Corvette Z06 Police Car 'Donated' by a Local Felon

“Zero cost to taxpayers,” Sheriff Chip Simmons explained. “The car itself was seized and then the Escambia County Sheriff Foundation paid for the wrap.”

The predominantly green wrap features iconic scenes from Escambia County, including the landing of Don Tristan de Luna and the Blue Angels at Pensacola Beach.

“We are going to use it for public engagement, and again, it cost zero taxpayer dollars,” the sheriff said. “It did not cost a dime of taxpayer dollars.”

In comments posted on, response to the Corvette was a mixed bag.

One person wrote:

“We did this years ago in Martin County with Mustangs and Camaros seized from felons. We marked them and placed them in the School Resource program. The kids loved having them at the schools. Some made it a goal to become a deputy so that they may get a chance to drive those cars. Go out and get more!!!! I’ll donate just to have one of those air fresheners!! Chip ,Good job brother!!”

But another person wasn’t so pleased:

“How about instead of a useless new cop car they do an auction and use the money to fix the broken ac at the seniors apt complex…..Lots of good charities could use a helping hand more than cops need a corvette…”

What’s your take on this repurposed Z06?



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