[VIDEO] Forward Collision Alert Coming to the 2024 Corvette


[VIDEO] Forward Collision Alert Coming to the 2024 Corvette

With the leak of the 2024 Corvette E-Ray Visualizer last week, Corvette enthusiasts noticed a new button under the Z-Mode button on the steering wheel. While some dreamers like me were hoping for a “Push to Pass” button like the IndyCars have, others told us that was the Adaptive Cruise Control button. Well, it turns out we were both wrong!

That button under the Z-Mode is a new safety feature coming to the 2024 Corvette. Called Forward Collision Alert, it uses a front-facing camera or radar sensor (or both on those cars equipped) and alerts you to slowing traffic (or traffic going slower ahead) with visual and audible warnings.

Chevy has a video of Forward Collision Alert and how it works on their YouTube channel and you can see how it was offer warnings when slower-moving traffic is detected. As I think about this feature now, this warning system is probably used in conjunction with Emergency Braking systems so we wonder if that is also coming on the 2024 Corvette:

We give credit to this find from Rick Conti’s Coffee with Conti video from Sunday. He dug up the video from the 2020 Bash in which the Corvette Team said Adaptive Cruise Control was difficult on a low-slung vehicle like the Corvette due to where the sensors need to be.


Chevrolet / YouTube


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