[VIDEO] GM Adds Two New 2023 Corvette Z06 Videos to the Corvette Z06 Academy Playlist


[VIDEO] GM Adds Two New 2023 Corvette Z06 Videos to the Corvette Z06 Academy Playlist

Chevrolet sent out another email today to those on their 2023 Z06 email list and while we are desperately waiting for pricing, order guide, allocations and ordering start date, we instead get two new videos intended to hold us over until they are ready for unrolling the good stuff. I know you peeps need the pricing and ordering information and we are hoping that it comes soon.

Now on to these new Z06 videos.

These two videos are all about the rear of the car and both have been added to the YouTube playlist for the Corvette Z06 Academy videos.

Flat-Plane Fury

The first video is called “Flat-Plane Fury” and it introduces us to those engineers who played their role in creating the naturally-aspirated 670-hp LT6 engine. Key figures in the video are Josh Holder – vehicle Chief Engineer, Yoon Lee – Design System Engineer, and Laura Klauser – Corvette Racing Program Manager.

Josh says “We knew that we had to exceed the performance of the seventh-generation Z06. Well, how do you do that without the supercharger that was built into that engine? You do that by an engine that breathes better. The way to make it breathe better is to make it rev higher. To make it flow more air. And that’s the impetus behind the flat-plane crankshaft and the dual overhead cam.”

A Glorious Exhaust Note

The second video is called “A Glorious Exhaust Note” and it really goes in-depth about the Z06’s tuned exhaust and the sound that it makes. We hear from Cindy Molnar – Vehicle Performance Engineer who was instrumental in the tuning of the exhaust. She says “The sound of the Z06 is incredible. The first time I heard it with the production exhaust I got goosebumps. We had gone through iteration of after iteration trying to get the right sound, and when I heard this one. It was immediate. I knew this was the one we had to have.”

Cindy further explains that unlike the 7th generation exhaust system, the C8 Z06s exhaust offer variable exhaust tuning instead of the on/off version from the previous generation:

“There are two sets of valves on this car that will help change the sound of the vehicle. There’s the intake manifold valves, IMTVs, and then there’s also the variable exhaust valves, on the exhaust itself. They can change in 2 degree increments. As opposed to in the past, it’s either been open or closed. You know, we always had that mild to wild feel. Now, we can tune it and finesse it and get the exact sound we want at every rpm, in every mode. So it does change between Weather, Tour, Sport and Track. Each one is tuned separately.”


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