[VIDEO] High-Revving 2023 Corvette Z06s at Watkins Glen


[VIDEO] High-Revving 2023 Corvette Z06s at Watkins Glen

Chevrolet had their display set up at Watkins Glen International for the IMSA 6-hour race and there were actually two different 2023 Z06s spotted at the event.

First up is a car we shared on Saturday. It’s the Black Z07 Convertible parked in front of the Corvette Corral tent that had the CTF sticker on it. That car does a couple of revs and we have that video to share. But there is also an Amplify Orange Z06 Convertible in the Chevrolet display and wow does someone lets the LT6 off the chain because this thing was revving long and loud.

Rev them up! The first is a tease, the second is the real deal:

In this next one, we can imagine that the cameraman instantly regretted getting directly behind the car as the driver was clearly winding up the C8Z for the grand finale. The fury hit him square in the chest and he took a step back to get out of its path. That’s how you deal with the crowds!


Independence City Motoring / YouTube


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