[VIDEO] Is the C4 or C5 Corvette a Good First Car?


[VIDEO] Is the C4 or C5 Corvette a Good First Car?

The C4 and C5 Corvette generations once represented the pinnacle of performance at General Motors but today these cars can be purchased for a fraction of their original prices. Our friend Brad Hansen over on the Retro Cars Forever channel on YouTube is working overtime on making the C4 Corvette more popular and his latest video expands into the C5 generation by asking if the C4 or C5 Corvette makes a good first car.

Brad dives right into the subject and addresses the various aspects and options of each car from the perspective of a first-time owner. We believe the C4/C5 generations represent a great value for the first-time Corvette buyer and the fun factor on these older Corvettes is still very high.

Here is Retro Cars Forever on the C4/C5 Corvettes:

Can a C4 or C5 Corvette be a good first car? Here are my pros and cons of young Corvette ownership, as well as two fun alternatives for young enthusiasts on a tight budget…
The Ford Mustang GT, and the Mazda MX-5 Miata.


C4/C5 Corvette values, performance, safety, gas mileage, and reliability…

Sports car insurance rates…

Which transmission a beginning driver should consider in a Corvette (automatic or manual)…

And why the Mustang or Miata might make more sense to young drivers who want to save money!

Which is the best first car?


Retro Cars Forever / YouTube


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