[VIDEO] Just How Loud is the Exhaust from the 2023 Z06? Speed Phenom Has The Answer!

[VIDEO] Just How Loud is the Exhaust from the 2023 Z06? Speed Phenom Has The Answer!

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We have another Speed Phenom video featuring the Wunderkid’s new 2023 Corvette Z06. It’s another in a string of “firsts” as Speed uses a decibel meter to determine just how loud America’s newest sports car is when revved to its 8,600 redline.

Many tracks like the NCM’s Motorsports Park have decibel limits that are strictly enforced, so this should be interesting to anyone planning on tracking their Corvettes. Here is Speed with the setup:

Going to the track a lot, we face an issue with something called the sound DB of a car. Certain tracks like Laguna Seca are decibel restricted, let’s say to anything above 92 DB for an average track day and then a maximum of 105 DB for a loud track day. So it gets me wondering how loud is this flat plane crank?”

[VIDEO] Just How Loud is the Exhaust from the 2023 Z06? Speed Phenom Has The Answer!

The first test has the person holding the decibel meter from roughly 10 feet or so behind the car. As Speed revs the car and gets it to bark on the upper levels of the RPM band, we see the sound level is measured at 118.3 decibels. That’s very loud, but again he is just steps away from the rear of the car. When the sound is measured from within a foot of the exhaust tips, we see a reading of 123.2 decibels!

That’s a good way to blow out an eardrum, but it’s not a perfect test as it was administered in a parking lot and not at the track where the car may actually be further away from the decibel meter.

When Chevy was testing the C7 ZR1 at the Nurburgring, remember they used sound deflectors to push the exhaust note away from where the sound meters were set up around the track. However, when they tested the Z06 at the ‘Ring, they did not use the sound deflectors. So our belief is that while yes, the car is loud, it may not be the loudest Corvette ever, as tested by GM. That could be because of how sound designers used a unique design to bounce some of that sound back to the driver.

Speed does all the sound testing within the first five minutes of the video, so it’s an easy watch to see what the sound levels are. As for me, I would be interested to learn what the sound reading is when performing a cold start of the car.


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