[VIDEO] Kai Spande’s Full Corvette Assembly Presentation at the NCM 28th Anniversary Show


[VIDEO] Kai Spande's Full Corvette Assembly Presentation at the NCM 28th Anniversary Show

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

One of the must-attend seminars at the NCM Anniversary show is the Assembly Plant update by Plant Director Kai Spande. We’ve already shared a couple of the highlights from his discussion including the wild production build restrictions and the announcement that the Engine Build Experience is coming back for the LT6 in Q2 2023. But there was so much more that Kai discussed about producing America’s favorite sports car, and there is a lively Q&A as always at the end.

One tidbit that we’ve been waiting to highlight is that during a trivia section, Kai asked, “What percentage of Corvette customers want every option possible on their Z06?” and the correct answer was 80%! Kai says 80% of the initial Z06 orders were for “fully loaded cars.” He called it a message that “a vast majority of the early adopters of the Z06 are looking to get fully loaded cars which is really not unexpected.

Kai also spends quite a bit of time going through the new Plant Tour program, and you’ll see how they will have that mapped out. It’s much different since the last public tours went through in July 2017. You won’t be able to see the Performance Build Center, but the paint factory does have a great viewing area.

Here is Kai Spande, plant director at the Bowling Green Assembly:


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