[VIDEO] Off-Road Testing a C5 Corvette with 33-Inch Tires


[VIDEO] Off-Road Testing a C5 Corvette with 33-Inch Tires

We told you about this off-road C5 Corvette for sale a few weeks ago, and today we’ll let you see this unique 1999 Corvette in action in places where you might never have seen Chevy’s sports car.

Very popular YouTuber Westen Champlin, a bearded 23-year-old based in Kansas, says he’s always wanted a Corvette, but he lives in an area where such sports cars “don’t really work very well” – with obstacles like gravel roads, fields, and off-road areas normally getting in the way.

But fellow YouTuber ZeroToSixty that problem for Westen by putting 33-inch Nittos on the rear and 31-inchers on the front of his black ’99 Corvette, giving the car 15 or 16 inches of ground clearance compared to the stock 5.3 inches.

“If you buy this, it has to either end up in a museum,” ZeroToSixty tells Westen, “or it’s going to end up in two pieces.”

Well, you can rest assured that this will not be a museum piece, not as long as the fun-loving Westen is behind the wheel.

After handing cash to ZeroToSixty to help fund his new project (a “more bad-ass” off-road C6 that he hopes to outfit with larger control arms, nitrous, and a winch for starters), Westen is soon off to put his new Corvette through its paces.

[VIDEO] Off-Road Testing a C5 Corvette with 33-Inch Tires

“This is just a Corvette that somebody lifted a few inches, put some 33-inch tires on it, and it’s still two-wheel drive,” he reminds us, “so nobody really knows how well it’s going to do. But that’s what we’re here for, because we are at the Disneyland of rednecks. We’ve got all kinds of off-road trails we can go to; this is the same place we brought our Bronco. We’re gonna take this bad boy out there and see how far she’ll go. I think it’ll go a lot further than we expect, but I really think it’s gonna break pretty quickly. There’s only one way to find out…”

After a few minutes on some of the harshest road conditions any Corvette has likely ever seen, Westen has convinced us that maybe Chevrolet has the right idea about producing a C8 Corvette SUV – though it would likely be many years from now before anyone would be willing to put a $100,000+ Corvette through this kind of action!

As he smokes the tires and sends dust flying into the air, Westen proclaims “this is what I’ve always wanted – to go cruising in the Illinois countryside, the hair blowing through my wind, wait a minute, no, the wind blowing through my hair!”

[VIDEO] Off-Road Testing a C5 Corvette with 33-Inch Tires

Check out the video to see how Westen fares with his Corvette in a wide range of activities – like sloshing through a river and climbing over big rocks, not to mention a couple of fun drag races with four-wheelers.

“This is what she’s meant for!” Westen says enthusiastically. “I never thought I’d be driving a Corvette around like this! You know something – Ford has the Raptor, Ram has the TRX, and Chevrolet has this!”

Make it through till the end, and you’ll see what finally does slow down this fun-loving C5.



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