[VIDEO] Seven-Year-Old Donates his Corvette Savings for Hurricane Ian Relief


[VIDEO] Seven-Year-Old Donates his Corvette Savings for Hurricane Ian Relief

Out of the mouth of babes often come words of wisdom for adults.

Take this 7-year-old Illinois boy captured on this YouTube video, telling his mom what he wants to do with his jar full of money.

I was really saving up for a Corvette or an electric scooter,” he explains, struggling to hold up the jar full of coins and bills, “but people need this.

The boy says he’s sending all his money “to people in need in Florida ‘cause they have a hurricane and their offices fell down and they need more stuff ’cause their house might fall down and they don’t have nothing.

Obviously, he’s referring to the victims of Hurricane Ian, which inflicted massive damage across the state of Florida last week.

With such a caring and generous heart, this young fellow definitely deserves to own a Corvette (or an electric scooter) someday, doesn’t he?



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