[VIDEO] Watch All Eight Generations of Corvettes Under Heavy Acceleration



Here’s a fun little compilation video I came across this evening and the good news is that it’s less than two-minutes long!

The video features all eight generations of Corvettes and each of the eight segments focuses on the speedometer and tach as each driver takes off under heavy acceleration. You can really see how much the Corvette has evolved over its 70-year run with each progressive generation striving to push the brand forward.

The C1 Corvette shown was the only one not really living up to the title, but the other generations let it rip. The needle on the C2’s mechanical tach bounces like a mo-fo and the C3 shown is wickedly fast as well. Check out the others and let us know your favorite!

Via CAR ACC via YouTube:

Chevrolet Corvette C1 vs Corvette C2 vs Corvette C3 vs Corvette C4 vs Corvette C5 vs Corvette C6 vs Corvette C7 vs Corvette C8




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